Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sandie - Guardians

Watched Rise of the Guardians yesterday, it was pretty awesome, i really enjoyed it. I'm really glad to see how many of the animated features this year are all so equally well done,  there is going to be a good competition for Oscar 2012. It's most likely going to be between Paranorman, Wreck it Ralph and Rise of the Guaridans. Brave wasn't bad, but it didn't really hit the spot for a lot of people. I have my money on Paranorman, it is going to be really nice to see Laika taking it this year.

So here is a fan art I did for Guardians, Sandy (Sandman) was one of my favourite in the movie, aside from the badass Santa (North). Here is my question, does anyone know if Sandy's a guy or girl?? I asked my friend Jchu and she doesn't know either, hmmmmm )

Just to add on, heres a study i did recently, theres something i really like about it, so i'll just leave it here.


Janice Chu said...

Sandman is a man man man. :p I still don''t know. Lemme read it in someone's artbook

Janice Chu said... HAH he is a man!

Ben Lo said...

hahaha, damn, ok Thanks Janice )

trevor dalmer said...

ben ur seriously fricken so good! i can't stand it. plus that little study is amazing. i thought it was a photo. u really captured the essentials beautifully and quickly.

Ben Lo said...

thank you Dalmer, your works are getting more and more awesomer too!