Sunday, December 9, 2012


I'm sure many of you have already came across this game in different ways, whether having a chance to play it, hearing it from a friend or just watching a video capture on youtube. Journey, imo is one of the most beautiful game (well, indie game if it concerns you) that was created so far. I absolutely loved the experience playing through it. The style, the animation, the music, and the feeling you get from it. If you haven't been following the VGA that just happened over this past weekend, Journey had won 2 of the few of the awards it was nominated for (Best Indie game & Best sound track). Journey is also nominated for Grammys 2013 for Best Score Soundtrack for Viscual Media, going up against many other block buster films such as The Dark Knight, Tin-tin, Hugo, and The Artist. I wish for the best for Journey to take it home, give the world another shout for the video game industry. And that Video games are more than something only meant for kids.

 I spent some time this weekend running over Journey again so remind myself of it's awesomeness. So here is a little fanart I did to show my little gratitude for Thatgamecompany, for them to bring this game to life.


Janice Chu said...

Yay coloured art! :P Guess who's getting the artbook nyahahaha

Ben Lo said...

Boooo Jchu, I want a copy!

robin_chyo said...

nice piece, ben! loved "journey"!