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Overwatch fanart- Khutulun, Eagle Hunter

I thought a pet class hero would be interesting, and loved the Mongolian eagle hunters. That's why I created her. (her abilities were created to directly counter the current Brig Armor meta!)

backstory: "Khutulun, was born native in Mongolia, one of the tribe that still kept their Eagle training tradition. Her village was wiped out by the remnant Omnics from the last Omnic Crisis. With parents and family slaughtered, she and her pet Eagle, Sarnai were the sole survivors. Sarnai were critically injured, and were just clinging on to it life. Dr. Angela Ziegler has learned Khutulun’s story, and decided to step in and give Sarnai a second chance. She used the cybernetic technology that was developed for Genji and gave it to Sarnai, which saved it life.
Khutulun were deeply moved by the what Dr. Ziegler had done for her, and decided to work hard and pay her back some day. She stayed and learned as an apprentice of Dr. Ziegler, travelled around the world."


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Study - Walking thru shine

Tribe - Chosen Bride

Scene from my personal project. The chosen bride is being escorted into the palace, kids she had helped out with came to see her off.

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