Friday, February 10, 2012


T260g is the only Robot character you could choose as main in Saga Frontier. I personally love the Robots (I used a full Robot team for my Red) in the game, one reason was how awesomely strong they can get at mid game. Give em 2 full set armor and you get maxed out defense. Plus they're immune to all of those crappy negative effects like flashes and charms.


Garrett Hanna said...


[B]ehram said...

...wolverine bot!

Janice Chu said...

Are you doing a painting everyday Ben?

Ben Lo said...

Gman: YEssss

B: Noob, you have lots to learn

Janice: well, i try to paint more, but I can't garantee myself to do one every single day. I'll see how far i can go this time, going to keep it fun and do mostly fan art