Saturday, February 11, 2012


I hate Lute. He's the worst character in Saga Frontier. I hate his wussy clothings and his lute. I have no idea what his story is about. He's also one of the weakest character in game. #$(^*$


[B]ehram said...

it's gUarantee, you noob, YOU! Lute reminds me of a certain somebody, you, in the table tennis game. OHHH OWWWNNNEEDDD!

Tai said...

I don't know what frontier saga is, but i love the painting!

Ciel said...

Lute has one of, if not, the highest replicate glimmer rates. This means the moment someone learns any skill at all, he gets it much faster than any other non-weapon specializing Human. In certain cases, faster than those specialists.

His plot is that he was kicked out of his house and beat Spriggan through awful singing. No joke.