Saturday, August 8, 2009

Roku house

I was supposed to go out and have my little tour around the neighborhood, but I sat down and and just worked away, it was too late to go out when I check the time again,... =/

And work has finally started, its so much fun working there. Probably cause they actually gave me a 21'' cintique to work at my work station ) man, i feel so spoiled already



Unknown said...

excellent, excellent!

craig said...

diggin the loose quality of the brushwork. Sweet.

Andrew Manzanares said...

right on man! U deserve every inch of that Cintiq!

Unknown said...

man this is amazing
I also have a cintiq in my home studio-this thing STILL makes me smile a couple years after purchase X)
thnx for posting such an inspiring piece man

Evan Bonifacio said...

Nice atmosphere!

justin said...

High 5 Ben! Good to hear your having a good time. Enjoy the cintique, you bastard ;)

Ben Lo said...

Nori: Thank you

Craig: haha, thanks for stoping by

Mandrew: Damn right! oh.. yes, the cintique too )

Joverine: yes! its amazing until your hand start sweating and smudges all over the cintique, hahaha

Evan: thanks Evan

Justin: haha, yes, now i gotta save up for one

Lettie Lo said...

haha nicee :) gotta love the cintiq! but looking around town is just as important!

Kenneth Tam said...

hahaha cintiq eh lol awsome!sweet stuff, is this done in cintiq? lol nice stuff!

David Puerta said...

Love the atmorphere, I wish i had one cintiq :(
I just bought the new wacom and im broke again haha

Unknown said...

Awesome matte painting, totally loving your blog, keep up the good work. ^_^