Sunday, August 2, 2009


just done moving and settled, so bored at home today =_=



justin said...

Nice job on all the new pics'; I really like the girl standing against the wall!

Good luck in boston!

Santiago Miret said...

great job! please, keep boring!


trevor dalmer said...

sweetness as usual ben. i'd love to see what u could do with oils someday.. maybe when u retire and u have all the time:)

Kekai said...

Just stopping by to say awesome work man. Keep that good stuff coming!

Kenneth Tam said...

hahaa u got spam by sum ad lol

Ben Lo said...

Justin : thanks justin )

Santiago: hah, i'll see, thanks

Dalmer: I will when I can affort it )

Kekai: you dont know how much that comment means to me, thank you so much!

Ken Tam: Yes, from you!?