Thursday, February 14, 2008

Character #3

Alright, had time tonight to squeeze in a character of the day.

Character #3
Little girl was having fun with her imagination as being in the future military soldier. And all of a sudden a futuristic bug appears and is appalled by the little being.

roughly 3hours


Hodges said...

Ben your skills are going through the roof. super awesome work man, your first character isnt showing up for some reason

Garrett Hanna said...

Ya man, like Sean said. You're improving a lot man. this one's boss.

Ben Lo said...

damn, haha, thanks guys, I'll try harder,

Sean, my first character is really crappy, I'll try and re-do one if I have time before Sunday, I gotta skip today (thursday)'s character now, and possibly friday's too, so there will be 3 for saturday, I'll see how it goes, I might get kicked out by G man from this first round, haha