Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Character #2

Alright, need to start working on the thing me and my friend Garrett Hana are doing , basically its a 1 character per day for 100 days, 50guys and 50 girls and has to have a back story, full body short, but I had been busy with school work and coop lately, so unfortunately I wont be able to do one per day =/
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I would say the Subwaygirl one is character #1 so this can be #2,

Character #2
This is takes place in a classic Human VS Robots era, where Humans are slowly taken out by the Robots during war. This assassin is named Kynn, who is a spy from the human side, sneaking into the Robot city called Robotopia (yay) to rescue hostages.

alright, this is #2, I'll try and do one more by the end of this week

roughly 4-5hours (idea influenced by Battle Angel Alita )

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