Monday, May 8, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda concept art 08

Very early on on the Mass Effect Andromeda. We had a week called Mass Effect Week. Which gave each of us an opportunity to come up with any cool idea for the game. This was the proposal I came up with...

Since the Mass Effect one, fans have been fascinated by the universe, and created many fan art, most of which were of the Kids. As a generation Ark going to Andromeda to start a new life. There are bound to have kids of every race aboard for the mission. Krogan running around with kids on his back, Salarian teaching their young on data analysis, Asari teaching the class a lesson on the Milkyway and so on. This would have been a great opportunity to have more life on the Ark. Give the players what they have been asking for. Put more at the stake, giving the player a much more important reason to fight for.


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