Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda concept art 01

Here are some of the concept art I have done for Andromeda. I have learned so much from the team, especially from Brian Sum, Thomas Pringle, Herbert Lowis, Furio Tedeschi, and many more.

This is concept done for Nexus reveal shot.

Concept art done for Mass Effect Andromeda - early vista concept for Habitat 7, this is the original direction. It was meant a much more stark, and gloomy.
Level artist - Valdimir Eskandari
Character model - Herbert Lowis

Medbay and Atrium on Human Ark - Hyperion
Level artist - Noel Lukasewich, Ciaran Begley

Cultural Exchante on Nexus
Level Artist - Ciaran Begley, Noel Lukasewich

Aya - Angara City
Level artist - Hayden Duvall, Alexis Dumas

Concept art done for Mass Effect Andromeda, Planet - Havarl
Level artist - Sean Obrigewitch
Tree design used in concept - Kenneth Fairclough


 Early exploration on Kett Architecture

 Remnant Vault Aquaduct
Level Artist - Jonathon Banks, Noel Lukasewich

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