Friday, December 13, 2013

Tribe world cityscape

Hey guys,

Here is a city scape for my tribe world. I have a little background story to the whole thing in my mind right now. The setting is thousands of years after World War III, human civilization have destroyed themselves, lands on earth are destroyed, polluted, toxic, and radioactive from the weapons used. Most of civilization died, only the "tribe" people who lived up in high altitude has survived. So they arise and build their own empire based on their past cultures, architectures. I'm highly borrowing from a mix of all the old Asian cultures, chinese, japanese, korean, thai and etc.

This is a city in the sky, built on massive stone structures, mountain tops and so on. Everything above the cloud layer is beauty, glory, and full of life. Anything below the cloud layers shows the past ruins, old abondoned cities, and deserted areas. I will be tackling on the high and glory part of the city first, as it is more fun to work on. I'll get to the other parts later. Going to move onto doing my 2nd and 3rd shots


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Sean Liang's art world said...

man, this is way too amzaing !! i mean in terms of both story and painting !!