Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bioshock Infinite: Airships

I would like to thank everyone these past couple days for their kind words on some of the works I have done for Bioshock Infinite. I find myself very fortunate to have be able to work on an amazing project with amazing artists on the team. They were the ones who have made these possible. So I would like take this opportunity to thank them all, the art team of Irrational Games.

Here are some other concepts done for the game, specifically on the airships.

-Air Trolleys in Boardwalk with the Salt power generator (in-game model by the amazing Paul Presley)

 -The First Lady airship (in-game model also done by Paul Presley)

 -Various Air Bardges, airship and interior


Janice Chu said...

Cooooooooooool! Good job BLo

Keith VanZant said...

This are all just stunning!! Is there anyway you could give us insight into your process for creating one of these large scale environments? Do you typically start with linework or go straight to paint? If you have time answer if not that's cool too :) Thanks

jj said...
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Tsundere Anubis said...

This is amazing. wish I knew what the backstory was behind each of these.

RossT said...

How come your name wasn't in the credits! >:I You did some awesome work and they didn't even put your name in the credits! INSANE!

Ben Lo said...

Thanks guys

Thanks Ross, I was included in the credits, in the special thanks section