Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yoko - Gurren Lagann

A Yoko statue has been something I wanted to get. For Years I was struggling with whether to get it, and get made fun of by my friends for having a big boobed anime figurine on my desk( You know who you are!). And finally about a week ago, I've came to my decision, to heck with those disagreeing bastards, I'ma get myself one. And what did it turn out?  $200+ Each ... What happened to the 70-80 bucks !? Com'monnnn!!!

If anyone knows of a site that has one on sale, please let me know! To be specific, this is the one I wanted to get (


Janice Chu said...

Psst B Lo, your link doesnt work lol, not for me anyways

James Ghio said...

Lol I just got a sick on for 45 bucks at an anime con! You should check out the next anime
Con near you and maybe you'll find one?? Have you tried china town downtown montreal??

Ben Lo said...

hey James, Thanks, I'll give china town a try, but not really sure where would this shop be. Yes, I'd probably have a better chance waiting for an anime con.

Rob_Jedi said...

Looks like you are chasing the hardest to find and most expensive of Yoko figures. Try keeping an eye on here, if one is for sale it's your best bet at a tip off.