Thursday, July 26, 2012

WIP on a piece

Took a break on this for a bit to catch up on things and played some games. I will get back on this this week.

I've started going in more with the details, I'm taking my time, going to try and refine this as much as I can.

 Color thumbs

Thanks to Janice for pointing out that #2's focus is in the dead center, I thought I'll give #1 a try. So here is the tightened in verion of #1
  Picked #2, tightening in on the details

here is WIP on a piece, I will be updating on to this post


Janice Chu said...

T^T I still have to do one thumbnail at least lol

Ben Lo said...

yes you do, hurry up Janice!! )

Alex Chechik said...

Solid comps. I'm really liking the second one; the values seem to work best there.

Can't wait to see the finished piece.

[B]ehram said...

Like C1 because of the different colour values.

Janice Chu said...

C1!!!! Maaaaan makes me wanna work on mine D: