Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving on, back to my Canadian motherland

Some of you might have already heard. Friday was my last day at Irrational Games. I had an awesome and enjoyable 3 years working there. It is an honor to me to work with and learn from many talented individuals at the studio. I just can't thank Shawn Robertson and Nate Wells enough to take me in right out of college. I will cherish this experience and carry it through out the rest of my journey. I look forward to Bioshock Infinite when it comes out, it'll be a great blast and something incredible )

Bye Irrational, good bye for now. I'm sure I will be able to meet you guys some time again in the future.



Janice Chu said...

Weeeeee back to Canada kekeke for some awesomeness :'D *jealoussss*

Ben Lo said...

haha, thanks Janice, aren't you in something awesome too? )

Alex Chechik said...

I did NOT already heard this, Ben. Best of luck wherever you go, buddy.

Janice Chu said...

Lol close to but not as awesomeeee!