Friday, January 20, 2012


I finished watching SG-1 tonight!!! It was just pure awesome, I loved the ending to it!

I actually never watched any of it until some time in mid 2011. I was introduced to Star Gate Universe at first. I thought that was alright, felt kinda like Battle Star Galactica (but not as good). So I took my friend's advice on watching it from the very beginning. Star Gate the movie, then into SG-1. It felt very cheesy at first, cause it's dated in the early 90's (during the Buffy days). And then it just got better and better, grew on me more and more as the seasons just blazes by.

I highly recommend anyone who have a thing for Sci-fi to watch it through. A 10-season serie is a bit much to watch. The planet explorations, alien technologies, light comedy jokes here and the chemistry the actors had were just something that can't be found on any other shows.

Anyway, I'm not going to blab on too much now. Gonna have to get my hands onto the 2 other SG movies, and SGA to continue on my adventure through the Star Gate world )


Unknown said...

Hey Ben, I did the box set last year too, It's great! After watching the movie years ago, when it first came out, I'd caught a few episodes here and there when it was on TV, but watching the whole thing from the start is awesome. Out of all of them I reckon SG Atlantis was actually one of my faves, You have a treat in store! ^_^

Currently I'm working my way through StarTrek TNG from the start, It's dated too but some of the story lines are great.

Andrew Manzanares said...

WOW nice painting Ben. They look reaaaaally super realistic. Your best work yet.

LOL I'm just trollin'. =P