Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captin America

Watched Captain America over the weekend, and really enjoyed it. So here is a little fanart I did for it )


[B]ehram said...

if you liked it then I gotta watch it. *there's no sarcasm in that*

Janice Chu said...

Whoaaa, I dunno how you do it Ben :P I'm going to watch this movie next week, looking forward to it =D

justin said...

Awesome as always Ben!!!

Anonymous said...

Martin Roper totally demolishing the Queen and Rice with photos.
He will get off.
Duke will too..and maybe Dot if she gives enough about Ben.
As for Rafferty, Murdoch , Turner, they are working things out with Berriro.
Moving quickly , for " Kansas Kings".
( Director- Michael Mann)

rsctt603 said...

love this sketch. You are very talented, obviously.