Friday, February 19, 2010

Animal Armour

Theme: Animal Armour


Damian said...

For some reason when I look at that I can't help but think Chipmunks. Hahaha, Nice.

Is that a gladiator fighting one of H.R. Giger's aliens in your previous post?

trevor dalmer said...

super rad ben ! i love this ! unfortunately this is the only "battle" type stuff that appeals to me :) the cute battle

i'm gay

justin said...

wow Ben, I'm really liking what you're doing here! Especially, those water colour life drawings, impressive.

Andrea Fernandez said...

Great work Ben...your stuff looks great.

Ben Lo said...

Damianski: this is supposed to be a beaver, but chipmunk is close enough, haha, the previous one is just some warrior vs alien )

Dalmer: yes, thanks dalmer, i like pushing them to have more appeal too )

Justineee: thanksss

Andrea: thanks andrea )