Saturday, January 23, 2010

New year update (finally, yes)

A lot happened in the year 2009, both the happiest and the saddest time of my life. Since it has passed, so I'm not going to talk about it. It's much more important to look forward to the future )

So now, here is some of the stuffs that I had done recently, these are daily (well supposed to be) paintings that me and my coworkers have been doing at work, they are 20-45min speedies done on the day on a specific theme. You can view the rest of my coworker's work here.

Film Noir

Beware of dog

Devil's Daughter

Undiscovered Underwater Dweller

Epic Castle

Battle Goblin





Desert Planet

Snow Monster

And of course, some recent life drawings, I've started using some watercolor,

And finally, these are the 2 CGhub 2D jam pieces that I haven't yet posted on my blog, so here it is:

Jedi Family: The Nelsons
And this is for the western Cowboy theme
I am working on something new, I'll post it when I finish it )


Unknown said...

Great big post! Good to see your stuff. You've been working hard!

ben said...

wow. great update ben, really liking the color life drawin, the snow monster and masquerade speedies.

Garrett Hanna said...

Brain overload.

Great water colour sketches Mr.Lo!

Unknown said...

great digi sketches Ben!!

Andrew Manzanares said...

HOLY CRAP BEN, those watercolour life drawings are friggin amazing! I haven't been this amazed in a while!

Jeffrey Cheung said...


Kenneth Tam said...

HOLY SMOKE!!! my brain just exploded.
wow amazing! i really like the water color and the lighting on those cg!!

Matthew Lau said...

niice watercolours man, keep at it!

[B]ehram said...

Nice BLo, your watercolour looks top notch, even your landscape stuff. Looks like you have improved alot, too bad your game hasn't though. OHHH SNAP! YOU GOT OWNED SON!

Ben Lo said...

haha, thank you so much for stopping by, i'll try and keep the posting up )

and B, just wait till next time i come back, i WILL OWN you!

Mike Bear said...

These are some really nice sketches.

Dolphin said...