Saturday, June 13, 2009

Solid and Liquid

fanart for MGS4
highly recommend playing it if you haven't played it)


justin said...

nice bro! I'm continually impressed! Work harder!!! ;)

Andrew Manzanares said...

i notice ur doing a more gritty style of painting recently....looks good!

Kenneth Tam said...

i am still plying it lol

Damian said...

I'd play it if I had a ps3. I still have faith it'll be on the 360 one of these days even if i get a ps3.

But yeah, I like the painting.

Ben Lo said...

Justin: I will, I will )

Mandrew: haha, really, is it really that gritty? probably just got lazy to smooth the rendering out )

Ken Tam: well, Finish it!

Alina: Thank you

Damianski: what, just get one and play!

Mark Behm said...

Great stuff, man. Subscribed.