Thursday, March 19, 2009


A painting i did to prove Alvin that he is wrong !

on and off over span of 2days


Damian said...

Hahaha, what did alvin say now? Regardless of what it was, its a nice piece.

Oh and regarding ur earlier post; I will say it to ur face come BBT tomorrow, dont u fret :P

Santiago Miret said...

Incredible, amazing fantasy.
Great blog.

Kenneth Tam said...

very koo

Ben Lo said...

Damian: i'll tell you when i see you :d

Santiago: Thank you )

Ken Tam: Lets go and eat at Golden Dragon

Matthew Lau said...

nice, i like this one

Leon JO said...

so...what did alvin say?

Ciaee said...

(I found you from CGHUB)

Beautiful painting. I love the lighting!

Keep doing what you do, Ben!

Ben Lo said...

thanks Matt, Ciaee, and Leon,

and to Leon's question, i'll tell you some other time )