Wednesday, February 18, 2009


cityscape this time, I'm going to try and tighten pieces up more now, watched Once (2006) and In the Wild (2007) while doing this, both of them are great, i would recommend watching it if you havent

The small blue sky thumb is inspired from the sky in oakville )

6 hours or so on the big one, thumb nail blue sky didnt take long


Unknown said...

fantastic top piece Ben!

Leon JO said...

Beautiful Ben!!!

ben said...

sweet, love the top one, great lighting. dunno why but it reminds me of robson st.

one question though, i can't figure out what the middle red/white "e" looking thing is, part of the sidewalk or a building facade?

chRisLee said... freaking neat..

Chris Darnbrough said...

sweet stuff man really like that city scape

Ben Lo said...

Thanks alot, guys )