Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daily sketch #6

Environment - more mordern downtown feel. I have always been having trouble doing straight into color for modern downtown/city paintings, I think I will spend the next few ones doing the same thing,

This has a bit of vancouver feel, I was trying to capture the scenery of what I remembered back from the summer. Man, I miss Vancouver. )



Alvin Aquino said...

i'm not sure if it's day time or night time lol.. kinda a mix of both.
the light on the building makes me think that's sunlight.
melikes tho...

Adam Temple said...

Wow, you're doing one every day? Right on! This one turned out beautifully!

Garrett Hanna said...

Niiiiiiice Ben.

Ben Lo said...

Aquino: I see what you mean, im not going to fix daily sketches, cause its meant for that day, I'll keep that in mind though )

Temple: Yep, thanks

Gman: high 5!

Kenneth Tam said...